Monday, February 22, 2010

We're Going to Have Another Baby!

Jen saw the doctor last week, and we can now officially say that she is pregnant! Due date is set for August 19th.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back Again!

It's bee a long time since our last post. Life has been full of lots of new things for us...lots of blessings and lots of stress. With being busy though, we tend to loose touch with many of you and this blog is a great and efficient way for us to do that, so we'll once again be posting on a more regular basis.

Rae & Joeli are doing wonderful! They have such great individual personalities already and make us smile and laugh every day. We received information for Seymour's 4K program and have a meeting in a couple of weeks to sign Rae up for school next year...we can't believe that she'll be riding a bus and going off on her own already!! Jen has a couple of great career advancement opportunities coming up, so we're looking forward to seeing which one turns out to be the best for our lifestyle. I've been focusing most of my time lately on learning about marketing and preparing to launch my business on a serious level. I'm definitely a beginner with this marketing stuff, but it feels great to be challenged and it's all starting to make more sense. Our border collie, Molly, is a great addition to the family and keeps us active as she needs a couple hours of activity/exercise daily.

I'll get some pictures up soon!

Namaste ~