Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Updates

Internet troubles, it's been a while since I've posted on here. Our connection is working tonight though!

I took Jo to Larissa's (Zak & Carrie's daughter) one-year birthday party today. It was nice to see our Green Bay group of friends and their kids. Jo was a little shy for a while, but warmed up by the time cake came out. Rae got sick last night, so Jen stayed home with her.

Shopko was having a huge sale that ended today, and Jen saw a kitchen table set that she really liked...and it was way over half off! So, Mother's Day came early to our house, and I spent a couple hours putting together a new table and chairs. Very nice looking and can seat twice as many as our last table!

Rae turns 4 tomorrow! With her being sick, we postponed her party, but we'll still have fun with just us, and do a bigger family get together later next week.

My computer screen is flashing light and dark at me now...pretty sure it's on its last leg... I'll see if I can get it to do pictures soon. ~Namaste~

Grattitude - I am grateful for the renewing & refreshing energy of Spring. Each breath is full of life!