Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yes, We're Still Here

I looked back at how little I've posted this last year...WOW, not much there.  It's been busy with a baby around again!

In the past couple weeks Van turned 1 year old, Rae started Kindergarten, and Jo turned 4!  It has been a good transition into a more structured schedule at home.  We had so much fun this summer...although Jen and I are working opposite (her M-F, me weekends) so it was usually one of us taking the kids.  Cottages, Fairs, Bay Beach, maintenance at home and cottage, parties, play-dates...I don't think we could have fit much more in!  And, Jen and I just got 9 new karate students this week...over the next month we'll see if any are keepers.

Pictures coming soon!