Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy Week Updates

We've been running around all week.  Last week Thursday we promoted a student to Blue Belt - Gary did a great job and we couldn't be more proud.  On the weekend we had our karate class up to the cottage for our annual training day.  It rained and drizzled on us all day Saturday for the workout, but everyone still managed to have a  good time.  This week has been lots of errands and recovering from minor surgery.  The girls have been going to school, which means I go to preschool with Jo too, and I got to chaperon a field trip with Rae's class to Apple Creek Orchards.  Now we're getting packed up to go to the cottage again this weekend...time to slow down for a couple of days and be together as a family for a bit.  I'll get some pics off the camera and posted by early next week.

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for the busy times, and the slow times, and how they all bring us closer as a family.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jo's 3rd Birthday

Sunday was Jo's 3rd Birthday.  She has been excited about this one all summer, since Rae had her party in April.  She's been counting down the events - birthdays, holidays, Van being born, Rae starting school - and we finally made it to her day!  She is getting into such a fun age where she had to be completely involved with all the aspects of getting ready for her party...buying supplies, decorating, making the cake...  It was a very rewarding experience to watch her joy, not only at the party, but leading up to it!

We got her a small aquarium and a few little fish...two of which didn't make it through the first 48 hours. I guess we're on the fish-husbandry learning curve. Thank you to all the family that came out to the house to celebrate!  We had a great time with everyone around.  Jo got so many great presents, and both girls have been playing with all the new stuff since. 

Gratitude ~ I am grateful that our children have such a great interactive extended family to grow up with!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

CFRC Board of Directors

I have been elected as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Community Family Resource Center.  It is the non-profit organization that runs the preschool program, along with other family orientated events, that I take the kids to.  I have been so happy with the program, seeing what it's done for Rae & Jo, that I was happy to support them more directly when I was asked to join the BOD.  So now I'll get to spend my all my "free time" helping to organize fundraising events and write for grants.  These, along with United Way contributions, are the organization's main source of revenue and allow the program prices to be incredibly low. 

Looking forward to another exciting chapter in this life experience!

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for all the learning opportunities I am presented with through CFRC BOD.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Van's First Week

Van is 1 week old today! He had a check-up at the doctor yesterday and everything looks healthy! He is up to 8 lbs 5 oz...what a good little eater he is. Here are some pics from the past week.

(be sure to scroll down...there are a few more new posts including Rae starting school!)

Gratitude ~ I am grateful to have such a loving family. It is really special to be able to raise our children in an environment so completely filled with love!

Snapping Turtle

Zoe spotted this turtle making its way across our yard toward the pond. We grabbed the kids and camera and ran out to take a look. He took a few bites at me when I went to pick him up, and WOW, he is fast with that head and has quite a reach with his neck.

Grattitude ~ I am grateful to have such a variety of wildlife in our backyard. It is a great experience for our children to interact with!

Sprinkler Fun

Grandma and Grandpa brought the girls a new squiggle sprinkler. A couple of days last week it was very hot and they made good use of it!

Grattitude ~ I am grateful for the simple pleasures in life, like a sprinkler on a hot day, and how much joy they can bring.

Rae Takes the Bus

Rae started 4K yesterday. She has been so excited all summer to ride the bus and go to a school that is just for 4 year olds! Jen and I were a little anxious - hoping that she had a good first day experience. Rae REALLY likes riding the bus; it zooms very fast she says. Her teachers are very nice and there are so many fun things to do at school. She spent the rest of the day telling us about all her fun adventures.

First Day of 4K

Second Day of 4K
Grattitude ~ I am grateful that Rae is strong, beautiful, and confident.