Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

On Saturday we packed the girls up and headed to Green Bay. We ran over to Bay Park Square and had Joeli's one-year pictures taken. We got some really good shots of Jo & Rae!

Saturday evening my mom had a gathering at her house so we could all visit with Jon & Pam, who drove in from Minnesota. We got to congratulate Pam on her Ph.D. and they shared stories and pictures from their Asia trip. (To see details on their trip & summer click on our link to their blog "EpiGal & the Sandan") It looks like they had a wonderful trip with a lot of sight-seeing, visiting old friends, and interesting travel adventures. Now they are back to start the next part of their lives...Pam is now working as Dr. Pam Lutsey, and Jon is back in school working toward his second degree.

We slept over in GB and had a relaxing morning on Sunday. Then we headed to Matt & Jen's house to celebrate Matt, Chase, & Joeli's birthdays. Great party...the kids all had fun running around together, and the Packers had a great game! It's always nice to have the whole family together for an afternoon!!

Then it was back home to get the girls to bed and crash for the night.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cottage Work

We ended our long weekend with a little work at the cottage. Jen and I drove up on Sunday morning and met Grandma Jean, Rae & Joeli there. As much as we missed the girls after a couple days away, they only gave us a quick hug and then ran right back to Grandma to play some more! Grandma had to go home Sunday afternoon, but Jen and I were able to stay overnight with the girls and relax for a while before heading home on Monday.

On Sunday we installed a new storm door on the front of the cottage.

Rodnie came over on Sunday to install the satelite dish.

Rae took a ride in the paddleboat with Dad before we had to leave. She does a great job steering!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lake Geneva Triathlon

I took part in the Lake Geneva Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. What a fun race! Jen and I drove down to Delavan on Friday afternoon. We checked into Lake Lawn Resort, easily the best hotel/resort we've ever stayed at. Then we headed to the race site in Fontana to register and pick up my race packet. We had a great night and got to share a wonderful bottle of wine...Jen's first chance to have a drink since she got pregnant with Rae 39 months ago! Saturday was an early morning getting to the race site to set up at 5:45 AM. The race was brutally awesome!! There were LOTS of hills...steep hills. It completely tore up the legs on the bike and run...SO FUN!

Heading to the transition area to set up my gear.

All ready to get started!

Exausted and totally pumped up after the race!

My Results:
- Overall...41st of 565 sprint distance finishers
- Men...36th out of 317
- Division...9th out of 57 men age 25 - 29
- Swim [1/3 mile]...6:18 (the swim course was not well laid out or accurate)
- T1...2:41
- Bike [17 miles]...49:50
- T2...2:58
- Run [3.1 miles]...22:27
- Finish...1:24:12

Joeli's 1st Birthday

Joeli turned 1 year old on Friday, September 5th. We spent the day at Grandma Jean's house; she is babysitting the girls for the weekend. We were able to have a little celebration when Grandma came home from work. Joeli had a blast playing with the frosting!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Melanie's Yellow Belt Testing

She does exist! Jen & I visited Sensei Jean's class for Melanie's yellow belt testing. Jen took an active role on the board pannel and was very excited to jump in with some instruction. I played with Rae & Joeli for most of the class. We had so much fun! Joeli progressed to taking a dozen steps on her own...she's getting to be such a toddler. Melanie was amazing and definately proved to be worthy of her promotion. Congratulations!!

Melanie has been missing from all classes and events that Jen & I have been to since she joined karate...there's been a running joke if she even existed. So, we brought a special bottle of wine that we thought would be fitting for the situation...Sweet Bitch :)

Summer Pictures

We didn't do a very good job with taking pictures this summer, but here are a few...

Rae with Grandma Jean at the cottage

Joeli with Grandma Jean at the cottage

This is where Rae spends most of the time at the cottage...regardless of attire!

Lyle's Purple Belt Test

Joeli learning to walk

Rae with Grandma Pauline, all dressed up for Matt & Jen's Wedding

Joeli & Mom all dressed up for the wedding