Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lake Geneva Triathlon

I took part in the Lake Geneva Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. What a fun race! Jen and I drove down to Delavan on Friday afternoon. We checked into Lake Lawn Resort, easily the best hotel/resort we've ever stayed at. Then we headed to the race site in Fontana to register and pick up my race packet. We had a great night and got to share a wonderful bottle of wine...Jen's first chance to have a drink since she got pregnant with Rae 39 months ago! Saturday was an early morning getting to the race site to set up at 5:45 AM. The race was brutally awesome!! There were LOTS of hills...steep hills. It completely tore up the legs on the bike and run...SO FUN!

Heading to the transition area to set up my gear.

All ready to get started!

Exausted and totally pumped up after the race!

My Results:
- Overall...41st of 565 sprint distance finishers
- Men...36th out of 317
- Division...9th out of 57 men age 25 - 29
- Swim [1/3 mile]...6:18 (the swim course was not well laid out or accurate)
- T1...2:41
- Bike [17 miles]...49:50
- T2...2:58
- Run [3.1 miles]...22:27
- Finish...1:24:12


EpiGal said...

Wow - my bike commute to work now looks like a snail's pace! How long was the run? Congrats on finishing!

Dan said...

The run was a 5K, 3.1 miles. Nothing but steep hills...the most difficult 3 mile run I've ever been on, but way fun!