Monday, September 28, 2009


I got Jen (us) a new camera for our aniversary. So, we will be starting to share pictures on this blog on a regular basis again! ...I know most of you (Pam) just want to see pictures of the kids anyway. Here are some pics from yesterday's birthday party for our nephew, Chase. We went to the Greenville Zoo and then watched the Packer game.

at the zoo playground
Rae getting a good view of the animals

petting the bunnies

Joeli loves the bunnies

Rae and Jen with the goats

Joeli is still in the bunny cage

Rae on the playground

Watching the game with Joeli and niece Sanibel

Rae & Chase watching a movie

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EpiGal said...

Yeah for pictures!!! I'm certain I'm not the ONLY one who wanting to see them, though perhaps I am the most vocal!