Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The girls started school today! Seymour school district has a preschool program for parents with their kids for 2 hours a day, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Seymour, and Wednesdays and Fridays in Black Creek. A mom at the library's story-time was impressed with how well behaved Rae & Jo were and recommended the preschool program. So I took the girls this morning and they had so much fun. It looks like it'll be a good way for them to get more socialization before they official school starts. And its cheap!...only $35 for both girls to go up to 4 times per week through the end of May!! The teacher is great and so are the other parents and kids. They keep it fun and get to work on all their preschool skills.

We also signed Rae up today for 4K. We're excited that Seymour has this local through 4 of the daycare locations in town...funded by the public schools. So, next fall Rae will get to ride the bus into town and go to school all on her own. I think Jen and I are more freaked out by it than her...she's just excited!

Side note: Our computer or Internet service (not sure which) is giving us a hard time lately, so pictures are on a little delay until we get that straightened out. Hopefully we'll get some up soon.

Gratitude - I am grateful for all the wonderful programing available to our kids. Seymour is proving to be a great community!

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