Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Lots Done

The Lutsey family has been going like crazy in Omro! We've been knocking out all sorts of projects on the house the past couple of weeks...some really amazing stuff!! Jen took both girls up to the cottage for a few days last weekend and it sounds like they had unparalleled fun! Our sister, Jen, and her son Chase came up with them for a couple of days and Roy & Pauline were up for a day too! We're looking forward to celebrating Easter and Rae's 3rd birthday at our house with Jen's family on Saturday and in Green Bay with my family on Sunday. Weather is looking great for the rest of the week...yea!! (Pics coming soon of house projects and family...promise)

Side note - I discovered a new favorite wine, Sweet Bitch Merlot. It has the taste of a merlot, but is sweeter than a usual merlot...perfect combination for those of us not excited about the dry, dry wines!

Gratitude - I am grateful for the wonderful Spring weather we've been having. Life, rebirth, and renewal seem to fill every breath of fresh air. Rae and Jo can't get enough of outside play time!

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