Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Accepted Offer

Lots has happened since we have posted on this blog, and hopefully over the next week or so, we can get most of the updates on here to catch-up.

But, our big news right now is with our house. We had two offers come in over the weekend. The first was a little low, but we accepted the second one that was for a $1000 over the asking price!! Their house inspector comes through this Friday, and we can relax until the closing on August 21st.

The realtor selling the house we wanted, managed to sell it himself from under us, so we're back to finding a new plan for our next dream house. There are a couple of places we're taking a look at this week, and can still put in a secondary offer on our original choice. It'll be fun to see how the Universe lays this one out for us!

And of course, we're anxiously awaiting our new niece...although I'm sure she's not coming until Monday ;)


EpiGal said...

Congrats on the sale, and good luck w/ the dream house search!!!

EpiGal said...

You're Mother probably doesn't like you hoping the baby doesn't come till Monday...