Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last House Project

I'm in the middle of the last, and unexpected, project for our house. The buyers had a building inspection done and found that we did not have enough clearance around our electrical panel. There are no simple places that meet electrical code to move or turn the panel to...leaving a $3500+ price tag to relocate it to the garage, have the power company trench a new main line to the house, and reconnect all the circuits back to a junction box. We didn't like that price tag too much, so I'm moving half our kitchen cabinets, re-plumbing the kitchen sink, and studding in a closet around the panel. This only costs us about $60 in materials, but I'm up for a few late nights working on it. And I thought I was done with projects on this house...haha :)

I'm staying happy through the late hours though, as all is going very smooth with the selling & buying details for both houses. As of now we're still set to close on the sale of our Omro House August 21st, and close on the purchase of the Seymour House on August 27th.

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