Tuesday, August 4, 2009

House(s) Update

Everything is going well with both houses! Our Omro house that we're selling is moving right along. We had the electrician here yesterday to fix a couple of minor things from the building inspection, so that's all done and cleared. I've got the major work done on the kitchen change...demo, framing, electrical, plumbing, sheet-rock... Just have a couple more coats of mud, painting, reinstall cabinets, hang a door, and some trim. The buyers faxed over a copy of their loan commitment...so everything should be ready and just waiting for closing!!

I was at the new Seymour house for a building inspection this morning. There was a couple of things that came up that we wrote an amendment to our contract to have the sellers handle before closing. By this evening we heard that they have already signed the amendment and have appointments booked with the appropriate contractors to have the issues fixed. Then there was just a small list of minor maintenance and electrical things that I can easily do once we're moved in.

We have our loan in place and commitment letter ready to roll. So after a couple more days to finish the kitchen project, we stay busy with some packing because all we have to do is eagerly wait for paper-signing and moving day!!

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