Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids at the Cottage

This last weekend we were lucky enough to bring 4 little ones to the cottage with us - Rae and Jo, along with our nephew, Chase (almost 3), and niece Sanibel (2 months). Jen's brother and sister-in-law were celebrating their anniversary, so we got to steal the kids for a couple of days. The three older ones played together, or at least around each other, most of the time. And, except for a little fussy time Friday evening, Sanibel was a content baby all weekend either in someone's arms, laying on a blanket, or sitting in a little princess chair.

Jen's sister, Erin, and Derek were up Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. They were celebrating their dating anniversary, and helped us play with the kids. Saturday afternoon, Zoe came up to play, and help us watch the extra kids the rest of the weekend! The weather was a little cool and windy for much swimming, but we had lots of beach time and paddle boat rides. Derek and I even took a little time to get the sailboat in the water and make our way across the lake a couple of times. Another fun weekend at the cottage with lots of young energy and fun company!!

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