Monday, September 6, 2010

Jo's 3rd Birthday

Sunday was Jo's 3rd Birthday.  She has been excited about this one all summer, since Rae had her party in April.  She's been counting down the events - birthdays, holidays, Van being born, Rae starting school - and we finally made it to her day!  She is getting into such a fun age where she had to be completely involved with all the aspects of getting ready for her party...buying supplies, decorating, making the cake...  It was a very rewarding experience to watch her joy, not only at the party, but leading up to it!

We got her a small aquarium and a few little fish...two of which didn't make it through the first 48 hours. I guess we're on the fish-husbandry learning curve. Thank you to all the family that came out to the house to celebrate!  We had a great time with everyone around.  Jo got so many great presents, and both girls have been playing with all the new stuff since. 

Gratitude ~ I am grateful that our children have such a great interactive extended family to grow up with!

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