Saturday, September 4, 2010

CFRC Board of Directors

I have been elected as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Community Family Resource Center.  It is the non-profit organization that runs the preschool program, along with other family orientated events, that I take the kids to.  I have been so happy with the program, seeing what it's done for Rae & Jo, that I was happy to support them more directly when I was asked to join the BOD.  So now I'll get to spend my all my "free time" helping to organize fundraising events and write for grants.  These, along with United Way contributions, are the organization's main source of revenue and allow the program prices to be incredibly low. 

Looking forward to another exciting chapter in this life experience!

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for all the learning opportunities I am presented with through CFRC BOD.

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