Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

My mom called me old today...ha!!

It turned out to be a great birthday!  After our usual morning with Rae & Joeli's school activities, we had a birthday lunch with just the five of us.  This afternoon, we sold our Jeep...that's been sitting on our needs-to-get-done-list for a couple of months.  Then Mom came out to take care of all three kids so Jen and I could go out; what an awesome treat!  We had a great date - delivering the Jeep to her new owner, depositing the money in our bank, and going out to Ginger Rootz for dinner.  We highly recommend the restaurant; Jen had the Crystal Shrimp and I had Pad Thai - both were amazing.  Coming home to three happy kids was the perfect ending!

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for all the experiences of year 29 and all the possibilities of year 30.


Jon said...

Happy Birthday again! I might need to agree with Mom on you being old, check your gratitude line again. You have finished your 30th year and starting your 31st!

Dan said...

Thanks Mensa, I'm also grateful for the forgotten year! If my counting is this bad, I think Rae's math skills are surpassing mine already...