Monday, November 29, 2010

Late Cottage Plumbing

Since starting my new job, I haven't had a half-day in the past two months to run up to the cottage.  Well, I finally got up to there last night to take care of the fall plumbing for winterizing.  Good news: the cottage wasn't flooded; bad news: the waterlines are frozen and broken.  More good news though: the pump and water tank were still thawed and I could drain those, and I think I saved the toilets and shower drain before they cracked.  More bad news: the water heaters were frozen and I was unable to drain them...I've got a plan to save them though...I just need to find and coordinate a little bit of time and a little bit of help.  All this means - we may be roughing it a little more at the cabin next year.

Other note: the lake has a thin sheet of ice on it.  Yes, I tested it, and no, it does not hold my weight!

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for the challenges and fun that comes with being almost too busy.

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David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

It was great running into you at Fleet Farm while you hunting for your repair supplies. Hope all goes well.