Thursday, February 12, 2009


The Amgen Tour of California starts Saturday! It is a 9-day stage race that draws the biggest names in cycling. This year the field contains probably the best collection of top riders and teams to ever assemble in the US. This is Lance Armstrong's second major race in his comeback. He looked better than expected last month in the Tour Down Under. He was expected to just ride through and get use to the peleton again. But he was already in great shape and his recovery was way better than expected. He was out there racing, leading chase groups, and hammering out the climbs. He finished with the front groups in all six stages. While Lance's form and conditioning are looking great, this race is not his main focus...he is prepping and training for the Giro and the Tour. Look for him to help teammate Levi win his third consecutive AToC title...but who knows, if he smokes the TT he could be in the running. Versus will be covering it on TV.

Here's a good artical for an overview of what a big deal this race is!

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