Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gran Torino

Jen and I got to have a date today!! A couple of weeks ago, we started a more advanced, less formal, Saturday workout. This weekend we didn't have a workout scheduled, so when Jen's mom called offering to babysit, we went to a matinee instead. Even though I was pretty tired from the night before with the kids, and low energy, it was still really nice to get out with just Jen for a few hours!!

Clint Eastwood's new movie, Gran Torino, lived up to the reviews. Lots of good lessons and perspectives on life, interaction, and growth. What it means to be a good person can come in many forms. The acting was a little rough around the edges, and the camera work wasn't the smoothest either...but, those things seemed to keep me in a position to think about what was happening with the issues/lessons during the movie. It's something that would have irked me in a lot of movies, but was a really good fit for this one.


Steph Finnianous said...

That movie rocked!!! Vince and I both liked it a lot.

the Sandan said...

Both Pam and I really enjoyed the movie. It was great!! and very surprising it was left out of Oscar nominations. (especially with how much the Oscars love Clint Eastwood, who we thought did a very good job in the movie)