Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cottage With the Girls

Rae, Joeli & I just got home from a couple days at the cottage. We went up to get out of the house and play for a couple of days...and give Jen some time to rest and have fun at the house (she likes to move around furniture and rearrange things). It always feels so good to be up there, and both girls seem to love it too. It was pretty cold and windy outside so our snow time was somewhat limited. We still managed to play in the yard and on the lake a little, sledding down the hill to the beach and cruising around on the snowmobiles. We brought a bin of toys and books that have been packed away for a while, so they had lots of "new" stuff to play with inside.

The cottage is in good shape...everything worked the same as always. I had a little difficulty getting the pump to prime, but it didn't turn out to be anything major. We started all the snowmobiles and took some short rides around the yard and out on the lake a little. Confirmed that my sled has serious overheated on a ride last year and has been sitting in the garage ever started, but made some sounds that don't usually come from engines and then refused to stay running. I'll have to haul it down sometime and see if my cousin can take a look at it.

The two kids, by that can be pretty exhausting! I'm use to watching them during the days when Jen is working, and the days and night went really good up there too. But, trying to clean everything up to leave, and keep them entertained with something, but they still come up to you every 2 minutes for help with something, but not let them pull a bunch of stuff out again that will make another mess, and time it so they'll take a nap on the way home, but not so they are so tired that they're impossibly it's a lot! It brings new levels of love and admiration for my Mom, and parents everywhere!! They slept all the way home (yay!!), and we got back to Omro with just enough time to grab a quick supper and run to karate class. They loved their Mommy time, and were a little crabby having to be away from her with the babysitter for the karate hour. Now both girls are sleeping ANGELS in their beds :)

Jen got to relax with a couple of movies and she still found time to change around our bedroom layout and reorganize. It has a fresh new look, plus I can find stuff again!!

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